We provide best SAP solution manager online training in Hyderabad by experienced and real time expert faculty in SAP solution manager.

 Course Duration: 40 Hours

Course Fee: Please contact  for pay details of this SAP ONLINE TRAINING classes

1. What is Solution manager and its Importance in SAP Landscape?

  •         Introduction, Evaluation of Solman and its different releases
  •         Introduction to Solution Manager.

2. Installation of Solman 4.0  &  7.1

  •         Sizing
  •          Installation Procedure
  •          Post Installation Steps

3.  SAP Router and Importance in SAP Landscape

  •          Installation
  •          Configuration and use
  •          VPN & SNC Router

4. ASAP Methodologies

  •          Project Preparation
  •          Business Blueprint
  •          Realization
  •          Final Preparation
  •          Go Live and Support

5. Setting Up Solution Landscapes

  •          System Landscape
  •          Generate RFC Destination
  •          Logical Components
  •          Solution Landscapes & Solution Directory

6. Configuration MOPZ for downloading patches

  •          What is MOPZ & Why MOPZ
  •          How to Configure
  •          How to Use

7. EWA configuration and working on EWA Alerts

  •          Performing an EarlyWatch Alert
  •          View EWA Alerts and Perform the problem fix.

8. Service Desk configuration and ticketing system

  •          Concept and process
  •          Activate the related services
  •          Activate BC Sets
  •          Fetch SAP Components
  •          Assign the Number Ranges for ABA Notification
  •          Assign Number Range for Service Desk Messages
  •          Configure the ABA Messages
  •          Defining Service Desk Destinations in the Solution Manager System
  •          Schedule the Background Jobs in Solution Manager
  •          Configuration in Satellite Systems

9. Change Request Management

  •          Activate BC Sets
  •          Maintain Number Ranges
  •          Create Business Partner
  •          Generate RFC Destinations
  •          Create Logical Component

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