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SAP OS/DB Migration Online Training

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(We provide best SAP OS/DB online training in Hyderabad by experienced and real time expert faculty in SAP OS/DB)

Course Duration : 30 Hours – Daily 2 hours – Mon-Sat – (Approx 15 days)

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"sap os/db migration online training"

SAP System: OS and DB Migration

  • Introduction
  • SAP homogeneous system copy"SAP_map_OS_DBmigration"
  • SAP heterogeneous system copy
  • Introduction to Migration tools
  • SAP OS/DB Migration Check

 The Migration Project

  • Project & Time Schedule of an OS/DB Migration
  • Migration Partners & Contractual agreements

 System Copy Methods

  • Database Specific & R3LOAD System copy Method

 SAP Migration Tools

  • R3SETUP and SAPINST release features"hqdefault"
  • Export/Import tools & tasks
  • ABAP & JAVA Directory structures


  • Understand and control the export and import processes

Technical Background Knowledge

  • ABAP table types and storage parameters
  • ABAP & JAVA data types and data access
  • ABAP& JAVA Dictionary


  • Understand R3LOAD Control and Data Files Structures
  • Understand JLOAD Control and Data Files Structures
  • R3LOAD/JLOAD Command Line Options

Advanced Migration Techniques

  • Time critical steps in an Export & Import Steps
  • Methods/Strategies to save time in Migration
  • Understand Distribution Monitor

Perform ABAP/JAVA Migration

  • Prepare the migration in source system"os-db-migration-source-system-steps"
  • Unload the data in the source system
  • Transport the data to the target system
  • Install & configure the target system
  • Load the target system
  • Perform the migration follow-up tasks


  • Recognize & Analyze the errors
  • Export/Import restart Behavior

Special Projects

  • MDS/IMIG method
  • Understand Unicode conversion

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