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We provide best SAP HR online training in Hyderabad by experienced and real time expert faculty in SAP HR.

Course Duration: 60 Hours

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SAP HR configuration jobs pay the highest. SAP HCM is one of the hottest areas in SAP consulting, but the skills you need to succeed in SAP HR are also changing. You need to have a structured road-map that begins with basic understanding and ends at advanced skill and understanding of the SAP HR module. The topics you need to cover in your SAP HR course need to be determined as early as possible. There are certain areas of the business process which are not applicable to U.S. implementations and therefore can be left to cover at a later date. On the other hand there are topics that must be covered in order to apply for and survive a job.

SAP HR Course Curriculum

  1.  ERP
    • Introduction
    • Evolution of ERP
  2. SAP (system Application Product)hr7
    • Introduction
    • Why SAP?
  3. ASAP (Accelerated SAP)
    • Project preparation
    • Business Blue-Print
    • Realization
    • Final Preparation
    • Go-live and support.
  4. SAP R/3 Architecture
    • Centralized Architecture
    • Distributed Architecture
    • 2-tier Architecture
    • 3-tier Architecture
  5. HCM Introduction
  6. Organization Management
    • Introduction to Organization Management
    • Organizational Objects and designing Organization Structure
    • Organization Units, Positions, Jobs, Tasks, Reporting structure
    • Create Objects and Relationships
    • Structure Maintenance
    • Expert mode Simple MaintenanceHR3
    • Expert mode Info type Maintenance
  7. Enterprise Structure
    • Creation Company &  Company code
    • Creation of  Personnel area
    • Creation Personnel sub-area
    • Assignments
  8. Personnel Structure
    • Creation Employee Group
    • Creation of Employee Sub Group
    • Assignments
  9. Personnel Management
    • Personnel Administration
    • Personnel ActionsHR2
    • Info type menus
  10. Recruitment
    • Creation Applicant Groups
    • Applicant Actions
  11. Time Management
    • Creation of Holiday Calendar
    • Daily works schedule
    • Generation of Work schedule rules
    • Absence Types
    • Defining Counting Rules
    • Configuring Absence types
    • Absence Quotas
  12. Payroll
    • Defining Pay scale Structures:
      1. Customizing Project Administration
      2. Process Feature Tariff: Decision Tree
      3. Choose Activity
      4. Change Pay scale-period parameter assignment
      5. Determine work area
      6. Create Basic Pay
    • Defining Wage Types:
      1. Create Dialog Wage Type
      2. Understand Controls used to determine wage type assignment
      3. Define feature LGMST to default wage type assignment
      4.  Setup indirect valuation
    • Payroll Processing
    • Editing Payroll Schemas & PCRssap_payroll
    • Payroll Postings
  13. Reports & Tools
    • Adhoc Reports
    • Features
  14. Authorizations






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