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Course Duration: 30 – 35 hrs

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SAP HANA Course Module

  Unit 1: Introduction and Positioning

  • Introduction to SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA Scenarios

Unit 2: SAP HANA Studio Unit 3: SAP HANA Architecture

  •   Architecture
  •    Persistence Layer Lesson 3: Backup & Recovery"h1"

Unit 3: Data Provisioning

  • Uploading data from Flat Files
  • SAP Data Services
  • SAP LT Replication Server
  • SAP Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)
  • Sybase Replication Method

Unit 4: Modelling

  •  Introduction to CO – PA Scenario
  •  Introduction to Modeller
  •  Levels of Modelling
  •  Introduction to Information Composer"h2"

Unit 5: Reporting

  •  SAP HANA Database connectivity options
  •  Microsoft Excel
  •  SAP Business Objects BI 4.0
  •  SAP Business Objects Analysis for Office
  •  SAP Business Objects Analysis for OLAP
  •  SAP Business Objects Explorer
  •  SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise, Dashboards and Web Intelligence

Unit 6: Approaching SAP HANA Modelling

  •  Best Practice guidelines

 Unit 7: Connecting Tables  Unit 9: Advanced Modelling

  • Creating Attribute Views
  •  Using Hierarchies
  •  Creating Restricted & Calculated Measures"h3"
  •  Using Filter Operations
  •  Using Variables
  •  Creating Calculation Views
  •  SAP HANA SQL – Introduction
  •  SQL Script and Procedures
  •  Using Currency Conversion
  •  Decision Tables
  • Unit 10: Processing Information Models

Unit 8: Managing Modelling Content Unit 12: Security and Authorizations

  •  User Management and Security
  •  Types of Privileges
  •  Template Roles
  •  Administrative

 Unit 9: Data Provisioning using SLT

  •  Positioning and Key Concepts
  •  Overview on Configuration Aspects
  •  Data Replication at a Glance
  •  Administration and Monitoring at a Glance
  •  SLT based transformation concepts and Advanced  Replication settings
  •  Extension of (target) table structure and Partitioning
  •  Transformation of Data
  •  Filtering and Selective Data Replication
  •  Specific Considerations
  •  Integration of SLT with Solution Manager

 Unit 10: Data Acquisition using SAP Data Services

  • Introduction to SAP Data Services
  •  Loading data into SAP HANA

 Unit 11: Data Provisioning using Direct Extractor Connection

  •   Overview
  •  SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection Details
  •  SAP Business Content DataSource Extractors
  •  SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection Setup and Configuration
  •  Comparison with other SAP HANA Data Acquisition Techniques

 Unit 12: SAP Netweaver BW, powered by SAP HANA

  •  Introduction
  •  In­memory Optimized DataStore Object and Infocube
  •  LSA in times of HANA
  •  Consuming HANA Models in BW Lesson 5: BI or BW powered by HANA

Unit 13: Miscellaneous Topics

  •  Overview SAP HANA Live Content
  •  Overview SAP River
  •  SAP HANA 1.0 SP07 New Features
  •  POC Discussion and Interview Questions

Exercise Manual

                                                                     Table of Contents
  •          Exercise: Look and Feel

 Architecture Overview

  •        Exercise: Architecture

Modelling Overview

  • Scenario CO­PA
  • Create the Attribute Views
  •  Create the Analytical View for Actuals
  • Create the Analytical View
  • for Plan Create the Calculation View
  • Information Composer: Upload data from file system
  • Information Composer: Compose new Information View


  •  Exercise: Excel Pivot Tables (ODBO/MDX access)
  •  Exercise: Analysis for Office using a local ODBC connection
  •  Exercise: Analysis edition for OLAP Exercise: SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
  • Exercise: Creating a Business Layer using Information Design Tool using JDBC connection.

SAP HANA Advanced Modelling and Implementation Exercise

  •  Exercise: Creating Attribute Views
  •  Exercise: Using Hierarchies
  •  Exercise: Creating Restricted & Calculated Measures
  •  Exercise: Using Filter Operations
  •  Exercise: Using Variables
  •  Exercise: Creating Calculation Views
  • Exercise: Working with SQL statements
  • Exercise : Creating a simple Calculation View of type SQL Script
  • Exercise: Creating a Calculation View of type SQL Script using CE_FUNCTIONs
  • Exercise: Creating Procedures
  • Exercise: Creating a Calculation View of type SQL Script using procedures
  • Exercise: Currency Conversions in Analytical Views
  • Exercise: Using the Fuzzy Search functionality
  • Exercise: Processing Information Objects
  • Exercise: Managing Modelling Content
  • Exercise: Working with SAP HANA users and roles
  • Exercise: Creating Roles and Analytic Privileges
  • Exercise: Start, Suspend, Resume the replication
  • Exercise: Data Acquisition using SAP Data Services
  • Exercise: Creating a Extractor Connection (DXC)

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