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SAP ABAP online training course content

We provide best SAP ABAP online training in Hyderabad by experienced and real time expert faculty in SAP ABAP.

Course Duration: 90 Hours

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SAP R/3 Architecture

  • Different Tiers of Architecture
  • Application server services
  • R/3 Landscape
  • ABAP Workbench

ABAP Introduction

  • Ripository & Dictionary Objects
  • Client Concept
  • ABAP related Transaction codes
  • ABAP programming rule
  • Data Types

ABAP Statements

  • Write statement options
  • Parameter statements
  • Types of Operators
  • Package creation
  • IF statement
  • CASE statements
  • LOOP statements
  • Check Boxes & Radio Buttons


  • Shift
  • Replace
  • Translate
  • Overlay
  • Search
  • Strlen
  • Condense
  • Split


  • Creating Structures
  • Nested Structures
  • Include Structures
  • Move & Move-corresponding Statements
  • Select-End Select
  • Inserting data into Database from a structure


  • Creation of Database Tables
  • Data Elements
  • Domains
  • Client Dependent Tables
  • Append & .Include structures
  • Table Maintainence Generator
  • Events at Table level
  • Table Buffering
  • Primary & Secondary Indexes
  • Pooled & Cluster Tables
  • Lock Objects
  • Type Groups
  • Table Types
  • Search Helps
  • Views


  • Introduction & Neccessity of Internal Tables
  • Types of Internal Tables
  • Select-options
  • Append
  • Decsribe
  • Read
  • Sort
  • Clear
  • Refreash
  • Free
  • Insert
  • Modify
  • Delete
  • Collect
  • For all Entries


  • Creating Message classes
  • Types of Messages
  • Using Messages in Repository Objects


  • Creating Simple Blocks
  • Creating Push buttons & Labels
  • Event Handling in Selection screen
  • Initialization event
  • At selection-screen event
  • At selection-screen Output event
  • At selection-screen on Value-Request
  • At selection-screen on Help-Request

Creating Tabbed Blocks

  • Creating Sub-screens
  • Creating Application Toolbar Push Buttons using Function Keys
  • Menu Painter
  • At User-command event


  • Internal Subroutines
  • External Subroutines
  • Pass by Value parameters
  • Pass by Reference parameters
  • Passing Internal Tables as Parameters
  • Include Programs
  • Macro’s


  • Creating Function Groups
  • Function Builder Interface
  • Types of parameters in Function Module
  • Exception Handling inFunction Module
  • Optional & Default parameters


  • Types Of Break-points
  • Navigating through the break-points
  • Setting Watch-points


  • Classical Reports
  • Control Break Reports
  • At events
  • Interactive Reports
  • At Line-selection event
  • TOP-OF-PAGE event
  • TOP-OF-PAGE during Line-selection event


  • Creating Background Jobs
  • Processing Background Jobs
  • Spooling
  • OPEN & NATIVE SQL statements

MODULE POOL PROGRAMMING Introduction to Dialog Programming Designing Simple transactions PROCESS BEFORE OUTPUT(PBO) PROCESS AFTER INPUT(PAI) PROCESS ON VALUE-REQUEST(POV) PROCESS ON HELP-REQUEST(POH) Working with Table Control Single Table Multiple Table Operation on Table Control Working with Tab Strip Control Designing Sub screens Displaying Pictures in Transactions Validations Automatic Field Validation Flow Logic Validations Module Pool Validations At Exit command Chain-Endchain Function BDC ( BATCH DATA COMMUNICATION ) Direct Input Method Call Transaction Method Error Handling in Call Transaction Session Method Processing Session Objects Recorder Method LSMW SAP SCRIPTS Designing Layouts Windows Using Elements Print program creation Passing parameters to SAP SCRIPTS Symbols in SAP SCRIPTS Standard Symbols Text Symbols Image Uploading Displaying Logo in SAP SCRIPTS Creating Standard Text Reading Standard Text Modifying Standard Layouts NACE Configuration SMARTFORMS Difference between SCRIPTS & SMARTFORMS Printing Addresses & Graphics using SMARTFORMS Passing Data to SMARTFORMS Working with LOOP & Program lines Secondary & Copy Windows Working with Tables SMART STYLES Text Modules Label Printing Converting SMARTFORMS to PDF format CROSS-APPLICATIONS BAPI (Bussiness Application Programming Interface) Introduction to BAPI BAPI Architecture Creating Custom BAPI’S Invoking BAPI’S From Legacy Applications Working with Standard BAPI’S ENHANCEMENTS CUSTOMER-EXITS Identifying Customer-Exits Function-Exits Menu-Exits Screen-Exits Field-Exits BADI (Bussiness Add-Ins) BADI Searching Techniques Validations Using BADI’S Menu Enhancements Using BADI’S Screen Enhancements Using BADI’S Filters in BADI’S ENHANCEMENT FRAME WORK Enhancement SPOTS Enhancement Implimentations KERNAL BADI’S Sourse Code Enhancement Function Group Enhancement Class Enhancement OBJECT ORIENTED ABAP OOP’S CONCEPT’S-INDEPTH Features of  OOP’S Role of Object Oriented in SAP Creation of Classes in Different Programming Languages Types of Classes Class-Components Visibility Sections Local Class Creation Global Class Creation Using CLASS BUILDER TOOL Instance & Static Attributes Instance & Static Methods Constructors Instance Constructors Static Constructors Parameters to Constructors Inheritance Types of Inheritance Hierarchy of Constructor Execution Polymorphism Method Overloading Method Overriding Super Keyword Final Classes & Methods Visibility At Class Levels Friend Classes Abstract Classes Interfaces Aliases Exception Classes Handling Exception in Methods Converting Local Class to Global Class Creating T-CODE For Methods Singleton Classes EVENT HANDLING Events Introduction Instance & Static Events Registering  Handlers Events with Parameters ALV PROGRAMMING USING CLASSES & FM Introduction to ALV Field Catalogue Generation Layout Generation Displaying LOGO in Container Preparing Drop down List Identifying Selected Rows in ALV Grid Coloring of ALV Grid Rows Displaying ALV Grid Columns as Push Buttons Excluding ALVGrid Toolbar Buttons Down Loading ALV Grid Data to Excel EVENT HANDLING Button_Click Double_Click Hotspot_Click User_Command Toolbar Menu_Button Top_of_page Data_Changed Onf1 Onf4 Print Events Node_Double_Click Splitter Control Tree Control Docking Container SLIS Type-Pool Interactive ALV

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