SAP ABAP Work Flow Online Training Course Content



  • What Is SAP Business Workflow
  • In Which Business Situations Should I Use SAP Business Workflow
  • What Can Be Achieved Using SAP Business Workflow
  • Features of SAP Business Workflow 

Configuring the System 

  • Quick Start
  • Task-Specific Customizing

 Work Item Delivery

  • Executing a Work Item
  • Substitution
  • Rejecting Work Items
  • Outbox

Creating a Workflow

  • Workflow Builder Basics
  • Enhancing Your Workflow
  • Basics of Containers and Bindings
  • Steps
  • Enhancing Your Workflow
  • How to Create and Use Tasks
  • Modeled Deadlines
  • Notify Recipients via Email That a Deadline Has Been Missed

Workflow Step-Types

  • Container Operation
  • Multiple Conditions
  • Loop
  • Process Control
  • Wait

Advanced Workflow Design Techniques

Business Object Basics

  • Creating Your Own Business Object Types
  • Creating Business Object Type Components
  • Business Object Type Programming

 ABAP Classes Basics

Agent Determination Rules

  • Determining Agents through Rule Resolution
  • Agent Determination Rule Resolution in the Workflow Step

 Using Events and Other Business Interfaces

  • How to Know What Events Exist
  • Raising Events from Business Applications
  • Using Events in Workflows

Advanced Diagnostics

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